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How can I liven up my apartment without spending too much?


Let's use paintings.

When you first think about it, the most primitive way of refreshing your interior is hanging a painting. We, however, think that it's a good idea to change your apartment with the help of painting. Buy or painting something to your tastes (maybe a few), go to the store and buy some material that will match with that painting in color and texture, and sew some pillowcases for your couch and maybe even a blanket (especially if you love to knit or crochet). Don't want to buy a painting? Buy that material anyway and frame it. You can use that same material in your decor - in curtains, for example. One color can freshen up a whole room - and if you get tired of it, you can always switch out the painting for another and it'll change the whole atmosphere with minimal work.

Not everything is meant to be the center of attention.

Humans by our very nature love perfectionism and we stream to be ideal. But what if you change the way you think about interior design and do something wrong? People often like some interior object, but it clashes so much with the rest of the decor that they hide away in a closet. We have a solution! If an object doesn't harmonize perfect, just don't make it an accent piece. Everyone knows that if an object sits at the center of a room or design that people's attention will naturally gravitate toward it. That's why you should place your favorite (but clashing) objects a bit further from the center of the room and a bit lower than usual. For instance, don't place painting above the headboard but off to the sides of the bed. The asymmetry will give your design a certain je ne sais quoi.

"Wireless" Technology.

Just hide the wires. It's surprising, but this one thing can make or break a room. It not only increases the visual space of a room, it also makes you home safer and more organized. Additionally, you could opt to hide your equipment from view altogether. If you like to look at photos of ideal interiors in magazines and online, you might well notice that you often don't see any equipment or gadgets at all - no DVD players, or phones, or sound systems in sight. Most often, they're all hidden behind panels that look like shelves - they're called "media walls". You can also make your own -media wall by placing your equipment behind some unassuming accessories like photographs, statues, or vases.


You can also liven up your interior by being a little - shall we say - "careless" with your accessories. Note - take care when picking them out, but maybe just throw a blanket on your couch without folding it, or chaotically place your pillows. "Casually" leave a couple magazines or bright-covered books (such books are also called "decorative books") askew on your coffee table. Place a large ewer or jug full of fresh flowers of different heights and sizes on your dining room table, and leave a fine tea set in view? All of these will make your house feel alive. Just make sure not to overdo it or else the design turns into genuine chaos. The decor needs to be measured, and you should always ask yourself, why is this placed here, and does it have a purpose? And the answer should always be, because it's beautiful and harmonious.

A "Striped" Mood.

It's surprising but true that black-and-white stripes liven up any boring interior. They can even "calm" an interior with many accents of different designs and textures. In other words, black-and-white stripes can be counted upon as a dependable lifesaver in many design situations. But hold your horses - there shouldn't be too many stripes! Even one decorative pillow is enough to fill and interior without overwhelming it or diluting a bright color scheme.

Favorite Color.

Nothing is so pleasant to the eyes as a favorite shade or color. You can always use it again and again on different objects because the same hue will look different on different surfaces. For instance, a blue chest of drawers and wall will have different shades from one another, meaning they'll compliment each other perfectly and play brilliantly in day and evening light.


You should look for large, tall flowers with wide petals. A critical piece of the puzzle is picking the right container. No standard, plastic pots! You should pick simple, wicker or glazed flowerpots or baskets so that the flowers harmonize with the room. Such flowers won't blandly blend with the room, instead they'll stand as a separate decorative element. Note, such design choices are best for open, spacious rooms - otherwise a large flower would clutter the space.


We already wrote above that a book placed on a coffee or side table can make a room feel lived in. Even the stodgiest design can be lifted by a few books. Place your favorite books on a shelf and arrange them so they underline the interior. The same goes for musical objects. Don't hide a guitar under the bed - take it out of its case and place it on a stand in the hallway or living room, it most certainly has a welcome place in most decors. If you already have bookshelves, but your books' covers are too colorful and clash with your decor, you shouldn't put them into boxes or a closet. Buy the color paper you need and make your own sleeves for them.

What methods of refreshing interiors do you know? Share with us in the comments!

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