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Top-10 Most amazing store interiors from around the world


Pasabahce, Istanbul

Demirden Design creatively designed the space so that this store - specializing in household objects - looks like an installation.

Photo source: Retail Design Blog

Miyake Marunouchi, Tokyo

In his words, the design of this retail space embodies the combination of two opposites: the past and the future. These are skillfully realized by the decorators with the help of a variety of textural elements. The pavilion's main accent is the large, red triangles, one of which becomes the background for the central brand image. In white, the image brightly contrasts against the red triangle and attracts customers' attention, inviting them into the store.

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Sugar Lady, Shanghai

For a two-week collection presentation, Prism Design Consulting Shanghai Co created transforming objects out of polypropylene for their showroom.

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Gnomo, Valencia

A palette of pastel and saturated tones coupled with geometrically-shaped stands from Masquespacio create a laconic graphical charm in this store.

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Mark-Style Tokyo, Paris

Joseph Grappin Studio accented attention toward the wood shelves, which give a great deal of space for each of the presented objects. And the mirror ceiling evokes a sense of infinite space.

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Alquema, Sidney

Loopcreative did everything they could to bring attention to the clothing. Aside from the chrome mannequins against a white backdrop, the large counter used for presenting new collections also catches the viewer's eye.

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Miansai, California

The walnut display cases underscore the natural atmosphere for the accessories. At the end of the hall, Michael Saiger and Analog Modern designed an exit onto a terrace with a bar.

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Acne Studios, Munich

The colors of the decoration aren't that different from one another. The interior of shining steel, brutish concrete, and rows of fluorescent lights is quite different and futuristic. The furniture supports the interior design concept: there are grey tables and shelves with a sleek finish and metal constructions that present the clothing on hangers. The only things which stand out from the color scheme are the pink tables from London-based designer Max Lamb - created specially for this project.

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Olaf Hussein, Amsterdam

Wood ceiling beams, herringbone parquet floors, potted plants, and comfortable furniture all work together to make customers fell as thought they might be in their own living room. The black pots match the black wood panels that functions as racks and partitions to the changing rooms all underline the brand's trademark style.

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Dodo, Italy

The design of the Dodo Boutique is based on the concept of the eponymous and now-extinct bird - the dodo. This fairytale store is full of eccentric colors, organic shapes, and fantastical lighting. The design starts from the street - people looking into the windows can see the unusual interior decor. Those who decide to enter are immediately immersed in the mystical world of Dodo.

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