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Patio Dining Set ShELLAND
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IKEA (Sweden)
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Garden table and 2 light armchairs, light brown, FRESYAN / DUVHOLMEN beige It is easy to keep clean - just wipe with a damp cloth. The seat of the bench is made of eucalyptus slats with natural variations of color and texture of natural wood. Frame made of aluminum - strong, lightweight, easy-care material, resistant to rust. The furniture is treated with a translucent stain in several layers. This increases its strength and emphasizes the expressiveness of the natural texture of the tree. Chairs are stacked for compact storage. Helpful information Recommended only for outdoor use. Care instructions Furniture To extend the service life of wooden garden furniture, it must be kept clean, without the need to leave it outside and regularly treat with stain. Care: use a mild soapy solution. Care instructions: To avoid fading of the surface, cracking of the coating and penetration of moisture into the wood, it is recommended to treat the furniture regularly with stain, for example once a year. Furniture should be stored in a cool and dry place.
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French Provincial
Shabby Chic
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