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Patio Dining Set EPLARO

Product code: SE.10002.JA.83

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Table + 4 folding chairs, d / garden, brown stain, Hollo beige 2 folding table tops allow you to adjust the size of the table as needed. The furniture is treated with a translucent stain in several layers. This increases its strength and emphasizes the expressiveness of the natural texture of the tree. To prolong the life of the pillow, it can be regularly turned over. This furniture takes up little storage space, so the table and chairs are folded. Helpful information Table (length 77 cm, minimum length 20 cm, max length 133 cm, width 62 cm, height 71 cm). Chair (width 45 cm, depth 58 cm, height 87 cm, width 40 cm, seat depth 41 cm, seat height 44 cm). 4 cushions per chair are attached. You can add a bag toaster. Recommended only for outdoor use. Sold separately For re-treatment use stain, sold separately. Care instructions To extend the service life of wooden garden furniture, it must be kept clean, without the need to leave it outside and regularly treat with stain. Care: Use a mild soap solution, then wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. Care instructions: To avoid fading of the surface, cracking of the coating and penetration of moisture into the wood, it is recommended to treat the furniture regularly with stain, for example once a year. Furniture should be stored in a cool and dry place. When storing on the street, use a waterproof cover. After rain and snowfall it is recommended to remove moisture and snow from flat surfaces. Air circulation should be ensured.
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