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Outdoor Sofa EPLARO

Product code: SE.10002.JM.25

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Overall Dimensions: 2230 x 1430 x 840 mm
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By combining different sections, you can create a sofa that perfectly fits your needs in terms of shape and size. You can make the sofa more comfortable and give it an individual look with the help of pillows of different sizes and colors. The furniture is treated with a translucent stain in several layers. This increases its strength and emphasizes the expressiveness of the natural texture of wood. The case is painted using a special technology to reduce water consumption and provide a more stable color. Good to know Recommended for outdoor use only. Sold separately For reprocessing, use the stain, sold separately. Care instructions Pillow To prolong the life of the garden pillow, it must be cleaned regularly. When you do not use a pillow, it is recommended to store it in a dry cool room or in a special bag for storage. At the end of the season, keep the pillows in a dry, cool place, it is preferable to put the pillows in a special bag or box to protect from dust and dirt. Before removing the pillows, they must be completely dried. Inner cushion Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Cushion cover Machine wash 40 ° C. Close the zipper before washing. Do not bleach. Machine drying, low temperature. To iron in low temperature conditions. Do not dry clean. Furniture In order to prolong the life of wooden garden furniture, it must be kept clean, without the need to not be left outdoors and be regularly treated with wood stain. Care: Use a mild soap solution, then wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. Care instructions: in order to avoid fading of the surface, crackling of the coating and moisture penetration into the wood, it is recommended to process the furniture with wood stain regularly, for example, once a year. Furniture is best kept in a cool dry place. When storing outdoors, use a waterproof cover. After rain and snowfall, it is recommended to remove moisture and snow from flat surfaces. Air circulation should be ensured.
Overall Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
2230 mm
1430 mm
840 mm
Gross Weight
38.79 kg
Sectional No
Filling for Sofas & Armchairs
Urethane Plastic Foam
Armrests, Material
Hard, Wooden
Frame Material
Modern Classic
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