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Product code: RU.10039.SL.23

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Overall Dimensions: 2080 x 1000 x 980 mm
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This is a new mechanism for the transformation of the "Eurobook of MS". For the first time in the history of the eurobook, a sofa has appeared, which really does not need to be moved away from the wall. This unique opportunity has appeared thanks to the new patented (the patent belongs to LLC "Trillion") to the mechanism of transformation "Evroknizhka MS". Moreover, thanks to the mechanism of transformation "Eurobook of MS", it is easy for a child to fold and lay out a sofa. After all, the mechanism built reliable gas lifts. Another undisputed advantage of the mechanism of transformation of the "Eurobook book of MS" is the "stepping" principle of unfolding. Thanks to this, the euro-book sofa "Marta" leaves no traces on the floor and easily decomposes on a carpet of any thickness. This is the orthopedic base of the sleeper sofa-eurobook "Marta". For the first time the European-style sofa is based on a metal frame and orthopedic armor. In combination with a large bed (157x208 cm.) - this makes "Marta" a full bed, of which you dream. It does not matter whether your house is big or small. "Marta" is a unique opportunity to sleep on an orthopedic bed in any home. Moreover, the shape of the sofa is thought out in such a way that your pillow will not fall on the floor at night, even without additional restraints. You do not have to wake up, in the dark to look for a pillow and try to bring it back. This is a unique combination of small dimensions of the sofa-eurobook "Marta" with great opportunities. The width of the sofa is small. Only 100 centimeters. You save space. But ... If you bought "Marta" - saving space does not affect the level of comfort. Pay attention to the depth of the seat. A linen drawer - 270 liters. It's a dream! This is the absolute reliability of the couch-eurobook "Marta" Unlike competitors, Martha's cover is quilted on the basis of highly elastic polyurethane foam. This ensures a long life of your sofa. The seat rests on five legs. This makes the Euro-font sofa "Marta" very stable, both folded and unfolded. If you sit down on the edge of the couch "Marta" - he will never roll over. This is a reliable sofa.
Overall Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
2080 mm
1000 mm
980 mm
Bed Dimensions
1570 mm
2080 mm
Upholstery Material
High Tech
Filling for Sofas & Armchairs
Box Spring
Armrests, Material
Frame Material
Laminated Chipboard
Optional: Pullout Drawer No
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